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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Lawyers

Last modified: November 10, 2020

What are the eligibility requirements for Lawyers?
When you sign up for lawzy, you must be: (1) a licensed attorney in the State of Florida; (2) in good standing with the Florida Bar; and (3)you cannot have a disciplinary record in the previous ten (10) years. It is your responsibility to report any changes that may affect your eligibility and compliance with our Terms of use.

How do I sign up for the lawzy mobile app?
Download lawzy for free on the app store (Google Play or Itunes) compatible with your mobile device. When you open the app, tap sign up and pick the lawyers tab to register as a lawyer. Please ensure you provide us with your correct Florida Bar Number and email registered with the Florida Bar.

Can I use the app if my account has not been verified?
lawzy must verify your account before you can access questions on the app. You may access your account settings to set up your lawyer profile and banking information while your account is under review. We will do our best to review and verify your account within 48-hours.

What’s included in the lawyer subscription?
Subscriptions include the ability to answer legal questions purchased by Consumers on lawzy and paid to the Lawyer through Stripe’s payment processing services, to show the Lawyer’s profile to consumers on Lawzy, and the ability to track earnings and conversations on the App.

How do I activate my lawyer subscription?
Once your account is verified, you may activate your subscription in settings, or by selecting your first question from the Questions Feed. You cannot access questions until your account is verified and your subscription is activated.

When will I be charged for my lawyer subscription?
Subscription Fees are charged to your iTunes or Google Play account on the date the Lawyer’s Subscription goes into effect, after the expiration of any trial period, and will cover the use of that service for the period indicated at the time that the Lawyer subscribes to the app. Thereafter, the Lawyer agrees that monthly payments will continue to be charged on a recurring basis to the payment method on file for the Lawyer’s iTunes or Google Play account until the Lawyer cancels their Subscription. The amount of the recurring charge may increase or decrease if the applicable Subscription Fee is modified in the future.

Do you offer free trials?
lawzy may provide a free trial subscription for a fixed period of time. Free trials are only available to new Users. If the Lawyer deletes their account during the free trial period, they will forfeit their rights to the free trial and their free trial will immediately terminate. After the trial period expires, the Lawyer’s subscription will renew automatically at the full subscription price unless they cancel their subscription before the end of the trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Payment for the Lawyer’s subscription will be charged through the iTunes or Google Play account (which was used to download the Application). You must cancel your subscription at least 24-hours prior to your renewal date to avoid billing of the next month’s Subscription Fee. Cancellations and refunds of subscription fees are governed by the applicable terms and conditions of the app store used to download the Application. To manage subscriptions or to stop auto-renewal, the Lawyer should go to Account Settings on their iOS device, or visit the Google Play store on their Android device. DELETING A LAWYER’S ACCOUNT WILL NOT STOP THE AUTO-RENEWAL OF THEIR SUBSCRIPTION.

How do I change the email address or phone number associated with my lawzy account?
If you entered an incorrect email address or phone number, or you want to change the email or phone number for your lawzy account, we will be more than happy to update this for you. Please reach out to our Support Team at support@golawzy.com.

How long do I have to answer a question?
Questions that are not assigned to a specific lawyer will appear in your Questions Feed. If you select a question from the Questions Feed, you will have two (2) hours to submit your answer. If you do not submit your answer in the allotted time, we will release the question back into the question pool for another lawyer to answer. If a consumer selects you to answer their question, the question will appear highlighted at the top of your Questions Feed. You will have forty-eight (48) hours to submit your answer. If you do not submit your answer in the allotted time, we will remove the question from your Questions Feed and notify the consumer that you could not answer their question.

Will you notify me if a consumer sends me a question?
Yes! We will send a push notification to your phone informing you that a consumer sent you a new question. Please make sure your push notifications are enabled to receive push notifications from lawzy.

What if I can’t answer the consumer’s question?
If you cannot answer the consumer’s question, you may pass on a question at any time. You will not be penalized for passing on a question.

When will I receive payments for answering questions?
Lawyers will receive payments for answering questions via direct deposit ten (10) days after they answer their first question and on the first of every month thereafter. You can keep track of your earnings in the earning tab located at the bottom of your question feed.

Does lawzy take any portion of the fee that I receive for answering questions?
No. lawzy does not engage in fee splitting. You will receive the entire fee paid by the Consumer with the exception of standard payment processing fees. All payment processing services are provided by Stripe –not lawzy.

How do I track the questions that I answer on the app?
You can review your question and answer history in the Q&A History tab located in your settings.

Can I perform conflict checks on lawzy?
Yes! Before you can view a consumer’s question on the app, we will show you the Consumer’s name, their location (county and state), type of legal issue, and the consumer’s profile picture (if provided), and prompt you to perform a conflict check. If you do not find a conflict, you may view the consumer’s question.

How many questions can I select from the Questions Feed at one time?
You may select one question at a time from the Questions Feed. You must answer or pass on the question before you can access a second question from the Questions Feed. Once you answer a question from the Questions Feed, you will have a cool down period before you may access more questions. The cool down period does not apply to questions that a consumer asks you to answer.

Can I start answering a question and submit it later?
Yes! You may start answering a question, leave the app and come back later to edit, complete or submit your answer as long as you submit your answer in the allotted time.

Who can view my lawyer profile?
Consumers can view your profile only if they search for a lawyer to answer their question and your profile matches their search preferences. Other lawyers cannot view your profile or the questions you answer on the app.

Can I message consumers on the app?
No. You cannot communicate with a consumer on the app through direct message or any other means. You may only submit one answer per question.

Can I take the conversation off the app?
Yes. You may request that the consumer contact you outside the app, at your own risk, as long as you answer the consumer’s question in addition to providing your contact information.